Taste I.T., you will love I.T.

Taste I.T., you will love I.T.

There must be a day dedicated for exploring ourselves. It can’t be done except on weekend. Weekend becomes more enjoyable if you are served a cup of hot coffee. The same coffee sipped in office on weekdays become tastier on weekends. Sipping my served hot coffee I was thinking how life has shifted its gear. I picked the newspaper from the table to pass time till the coffee become less hot. The headline became blurred to me when I soon realized that it was due to felling of some hairs from my head. It was a shocking moment for me. I picked those hairs and it took no time for me to dive into flashback.

The scenes of the past were playing like a hallucinated movie. Just before my college days the abbreviation ‘I.T.’ was a mystery for me. Since then it bought magnificent changes in my character and personality. How time has increased its value when it was just a thing to be wasted during my college days. Why life has become too hectic that we don’t have time for ourselves and for our loved ones. All my college golden memories are buried deep inside the sand of my struggle. I wonder how my interest got shifted from bunking lectures, gossiping, flirting, and gaming to client requirement analysis, improving productivity, accomplishing daily targets and struggling for a good appraisal. The definition of pressure in my life has been changed. The current work load couldn’t be compared with the pressure of making 6 runs in 1 ball. The way I interact with people now has been affected a lot. I wonder how it changed from an informal ‘hey’ to a formal ‘hello’ in office. Is this the life I really wanted? What else I.T. has given me besides tension, anger and lot of negativities. I remember how I used to be so health conscious during my college days, but now I feel proud after skipping my lunch and slowly its becoming a part of my productivity. Also, I had more things in my life other than money to run after. Anger, frustration, depression were words searched only in dictionary. But now I came to know the real meaning of life.

I threw those hair samples gently and concentrated on newspaper. I hold the coffee cup and felt that it was not hot to be drinkable as it was some minutes ago. It’s like my life which is no more interesting as it was some years back. After tasting I noticed that it has a different taste now. A cold coffee has also has its taste. So what my current life is no more interesting but it is in our hands to stay happy. I now realized the path from past to present has given me more maturity, more sense of humor, a sense of spreading my inner thoughts to the world. Every coin has two sides if we continue to concentrate at one side we will never come to know about another side. It’s time now to flip that coin. I must rethink now what IT has given to me. Now I have the courage to face any difficulty in my life. As compared to my non IT life I can now more easily accept and complete the challenge. IT industry has given me the power in form of imagination to think beyond the limits. It has gifted me the ability to not to lose hope if I got struck anywhere. The improvement in my imagination and my personality is a result of IT environment. I agree that I have lost my shine but in return I gained strength.

That hot coffee is now changed into cold coffee. Both drinks have different tastes at different states. My life also has two tastes now. Yes now I am enjoying it, not the coffee only but my professional life also. Car’s front glass is large but rearview mirror is small because future is more important than the past. I cannot change my past but I can build the future. So better option is to look ahead with bigger view, bigger challenges and bigger plans. Leave the past and live the present. Correct the weaknesses and negativities by hard work and determination.
So this weekend a coffee teaches us a lesson. Like the coffee cup everyone should try to vaporize their anger, imperfections, weakness and negative shades of their life and live the present to the full strength. Perfection is to be achieved only when we leave behind our past. Be positive and think positive. Life is like a fruit bitter from outside but sweet from inside. Taste it and I am sure you will love it.