How Shallow is our Love !

How Shallow Our Love !

It was a sunny day in winter season after a long time. I stopped my car on the signal. A knock on the window glass diverted my mind. Standing outside was a man looking like a beggar and about to say something. Usually I avoid beggars but after hearing his words, my heart melted and I fumbled my wallet for a 10 rupee note. Pointing to a child sat on footpath he said “Sahab, I need some money for my son’s medicine, please help me”. After giving that note I prayed to god for his early recovery. The signal turned green and red again. The weekend traffic doubled the waiting time. Meanwhile my attention went toward that child. He was still alone. But to my surprise I found his father who begged money from me, at a pan shop nearby. He bought a ‘bidi’ and a ‘gutkha’ from that 10 rupee note. I was deeply hurt. I wonder if that man was a liar, or there can be a possibility that the child was not his son.

This scene created an impact on my mind and made me think deeply on the topic. Human beings say one thing but mean another. It’s like wearing a fraudulent mask on a natural face. Why we are not always true to our words, we speak something and think something else. This creates a gap between our thought and implementation. Why we are so selfish that make us forget the real meaning of love. We must learn from the saints who are true devotees, who never think of themselves. They die every day while living. When death comes to them, they are overjoyed. They are happier at their death than they are at their wedding. That’s the meaning of god’s love for them. Same theory applies to our self regarding love. We are too much haunted by ourselves; we project the central shadow of ourselves on everything around us that’s why we are unknown to the real meaning of love. Our love for our loved ones, friends and family should be like a saint’s love for his god.

There is a quote in bible about love – Love is patient; love is kind and envies no one. Love is never boastful, nor conceited, nor rude; never selfish, not quick to take offense. So we must redefine the real meaning of love in our mind and try to erase the word ‘selfish’ from it. Once it is erased the gap between our thought and implementation will be greatly reduced.

It’s truly said –

“True love is sacrifice. Love is thinking about others before you think about yourself. Love is selfless, not selfish.”