Never Spill it off

Never Spill it off

Just when I was searching for some more motivations on success to be a part of my blog, I came across a unique but rather old thought that made me think about the real concept of learning. I turned this imagination into another beautiful piece of writing related to obtaining success in one’s career.

We all want to learn, know new things and aggregate in life. Someone is eager to learn and know new things and someone want to earn as much money he can. But do we succeed in our goals every time? Are we really learning new knowledge to achieve success in life? Is it possible to store anything in a utensil which is already filled up to full mark? It seems the last two questions are not interconnected but in reality they are.

It was a weekend evening and time for a tea party with my family at home. I planned to pour tea in the cup for all. All of a sudden I refilled a cup and it all spell off. Watching my favourite show I didn’t realized that the cup was already filled with tea and the tea I poured got spilled around the cup. The spilled tea is like wasted knowledge when tried to fill a saturated mind. A deep thought which gave me a different perspective to obtain success.

There is an old story, recently I heard from a preacher, which makes the concept of learning more clear. Once, a boy eager to learn music comes to a music teacher. He asked the teacher to teach him the art of music, make him his follower. The teacher agreed to teach him the art. The student then asked what he will have to pay in return. The teacher asked for 100 coins as his fees. On this, the student replied that 100 coins are too much and as I came here to learn music, I am not a novice, I know music a little bit already. But it’s okay with me to give you 100 coins. The music teacher replied “If you have a little knowledge of music already then it will cost you 200 coins”. The student surprisingly asked “I don’t understand, if I have pre knowledge, the effort is less then why more fees?” The music teacher replied “How can you say the effort is less. I have to erase the music knowledge first that already exists in your mind. Then only you will be eligible to learn new lesson.”

Like a full cup of tea can’t accept more tea, a mind can’t accept new things before old things are erased. If a mind is already filled with a preconception, then it can’t accept any new thought or principle. If we are loaded from any preconception then whatever we are learning new, the knowledge we are gathering is continuously wasting like the spilled tea. And also we live with the misconception that we are learning new things and our knowledge is increasing day by day and we are heading towards next step in our growth ladder. Then it appears to be a hallucination on our road to success.

Actually, to learn anything useful or important one need to refine the mind first to store the new knowledge. A fresh mind can accept more and more new thoughts than a saturated one. Or else the knowledge would not be absorbed by our mind.

For creative development and for self-consciousness of any individual, refining of mind is very much necessary. It is impossible to beautify any creation in this world without proper amount of creative knowledge. This amount is the space we left after learning every time. If there is no space, the new lesson or principle learned could be a waste. So in every field, for actual development and for enrichment it is better to refine ourselves first, only then we can obtain success in our life. Remember nectar too can’t stay in a utensil which is already full.

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