The Golden Innings

The Golden Innings

Today morning I woke up early. I knew it was a normal day, but it didn’t seem the same to me. I felt butterflies in my stomach like it was on my result day of my graduation. It was my last day in my current organization. I was about to leave from home for my office. Unlike a normal day I began to forget minute things like my wallet and mobile, which I think was due to my mind’s instability. The whole flashback was playing in my mind like a slideshow, from my day of appointment in my dream organization to the day when I put resignation. There was a mixed bag of emotions evolving in my mind.

The Beginning

I started my car and begin the journey to my Noida located office. I knew that was going to be the last journey to my current office as the very next day I would be on a different route in a new organization. I remember my initial days when I was trained in Hyderabad with my batch mates and then a new team was formed “The Hyderabadis”. Those were my world’s best friends (as I call them) who accompanied me in my professional journey. Though at that time may be they were not important to me, but now when I rewind and look back remembering those days I found my eyes wet every time. My organization gave me a new name “Admirable Alok” at the time of induction. I was overwhelmed and took this name as a blessing. The beginning was not too easy for me as one has to adapt themselves completely before starting dominating. I came across many personalities who show me in some way or the other, the real face of IT industry.

The Change

The Wazirabad red light came, where I need to switch off the car engine as the signal nearly take my 10 minutes every day. I have seen many ups and downs in my career, more specifically downs. But I know only because of these downs I am able to compete and face every difficulty. Difficulties only made me stronger. I was not the same human being 3 years before as now I am. As my family is from business background it was very hard for me to survive in an IT industry where one has to learn many tactics to get adapted completely to IT culture. But when I think what this organization has given me, I feel energetic. It has given me best friends, the sense of humor and the power to think beyond the limits. It has given me the courage to face any difficulty in my life. It has gifted me the ability to not to lose hope if I got struck anywhere. And now I am leaving all of them. I explained to myself- there is nothing permanent except change. To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.The signal turned green and I accelerated my car to move ahead.The life is to move ahead. I have read somewhere a quote “You can’t stop the future, you can’t rewind the past. The only way to learn the secret…is to press play”.

The Milestone

I reached Kashmere Gate road now,where I have to face the traffic jam. There exists the first milestone specifying the distance how much far Noida is now. I have covered nearly half of the journey. I still remember the day when I got the first recognition in my career from my manager as “Innovation Award”. My manager planned to give this award in the open house meeting, till then it was suspense to me. Due to departing early the day when I was supposed to get the award, I missed the recognition which was to be given by my BU head. Later I got my award from a HR executive, without any applause, without the melody of claps by delivery unit members. Although I don’t have any regrets as that moment returned in the form of MADJAM – an initiative by my organization in the field of innovation.Winning MADJAM 2011 as a project member was a milestone for me as I got a chance to meet Mr. CEO when I was still a fresher. It is impossible to forget the MADJAM aura where our project members were given VIP treatment. I was captured in the promotional video part of the campaign. Everybody came to know about me after the winning posters were displayed on each and every office. Another milestone was achieved when people started calling me Mr. Writer after my story won best passion story in year 2012. It feels good when I think about myself as a writer, it gives me a positive feeling and I believe it is one of the ways to stay happy in life.

In the meanwhile

Thank god I reached Akshardham flyover where I can put my foot on accelerator and relax. The roads near this area are wide, clean and beautifully build and free from any rush too. I remember many moments where my foot was on accelerator in my organization.But I can’t forget that beautiful moment when I was actually on seventh sky of my life. It was such a soothing feeling like I was flying freely in air, having no tensions, no worries but just a single name in my mind. I am talking about my first love. My love made me so crazy that I used to think whole day only and only about my love nothing else. I used to come early those days and leave late, only because of my love. I forgot to take my lunch thinking about my love. It was not a normal love story; it was love at first CODE. Yes, ‘Java’ was my first love. But I liked the way you imagine.

The last turn

Here I reached the Delhi border. I was able to read the board “Welcome to Noida”. Now I was just 3 Kms away from my destination. I have seen more downs than ups in my personal and professional life. These downs teach me how to face any difficulty in future.

When I joined my organization I used to think about ways to survive. I came across many myths which now I can say they were wrong. I learned many things from my organization and the people came across me. So I am listing some myths below and the real truth behind them:

  1. Work hard and you will win – No, it’s not the hard work which lets you win always. Apart from hard work one must know what smart work is. Being a hardest worker is not everything. Take a long lunch. Get all your work done early. Grand thinking requires space, flexibility and time. So let people see you staring at the wall. They’ll know you’re a person with big ideas and taking time to think makes you more valuable.

  2. Everyone in workplace is bad, no matter what reflects on their face – No, not every person is bad. There are good people too in industry. Many believe that one’s simple looks and polite nature has nothing to do with the work, the more polite he is with the outside people, the cleverer he is inside and a master in playing politics. But there are good people too. There are people who sacrifice themselves for the benefit of others. There are ones who hide the mistakes of juniors in front of bosses. And there are people who always want benefit of others by sharing their worst experiences. These are the ones who are good by heart and in reality they are the ones who succeed in life.

  3. Do good work and you’ll do fine – Nope. As there is a famous saying, “It’s not the hours you put in your work that counts, it’s the work you put in the hours.” And no one will know what you’re doing in your cube unless you tell them. Let people know what you’re working on and tell them. Recognize that self-promotion is an art form; be careful that you don’t oversell. Don’t take credit for someone else’s good work. Give your colleagues the credit they deserve and you will stand out.

  4. The hardest workers get promoted – Nope. The most likable people get promoted. Across the board, people would rather work with someone who is likable and incompetent than with someone who is skilled and obnoxious. Open yourself up to possibilities and explore the greatest potential of your unique personality, learning what you need to do to become more likable.

  5. E-mail is always the most efficient communication method – No! It’s hard to remember how we got along without e-mail, but it’s decidedly misused and over-relied upon today. Calling a person or having face time with him can minimize confusion, and builds relationships. So instead of sending too many mails, a voice call or a meeting is beneficial. Without visual and auditory cues, people often misinterpret the intent and message of e-mails. Email is the last choice after face-to-face and voice.

  6. My job is the best job in the world – Yes you should like your job. You must like what you are doing without which the passion would be lacked. But it doesn’t mean that this is the only job you could work in and is the best. There can be more possibilities and more opportunities outside. So it is necessary to be in touch with outside world like what the market is talking about and what will be the future. A wise lady said to me “Never fully satisfy with your job and always expect more from yourself. That is the way to grow.”

  7. The generation gap between team members, or between bosses and employees hampers productivity and the pursuit of workplace happiness– Maybe yes, maybe no. Although there is clearly an age difference, I argue strongly that it’s not a gap but a mash-up, a potential fusion and co-generational melding that leverages skills, attributes, and perspectives. Clearly people of different age groups see the world in different ways and bring different experience and skills to the table. Lassoing those skills to get that bronco moving forward with all of its energy intact is the goal. It’s like any other relationship issue: If you ignore it, the relationship will fail.

  8. Always seek help from the one who has more experience –It is the normal trend to believe the one who is senior to you. But the fact is to always seek help from the one who is more knowledgeable no matter she can be a junior. I have seen many people in industry who have experience but lack in knowledge. There should be no hesitation like why to seek help from a junior because somebody experienced has said, “Ability lies in knowledge not in experience”.

  9. Create the shiny brand of you! – There is no magic formula to having a great career except to be you. Really you. Know who you are and have the humility to understand that self-knowledge is a never-ending journey. Figure out how to do what you love, and you’ll be great at it. Offer your true, good-natured self to other people and you’ll have a great network. Those who stand out as leaders have a notable authenticity that enables them to make genuinely meaningful connections with a wide range of people. Authenticity is a tool for changing the world by doing good.

  10. Man proposes and God disposes – Lastly, always believe in god. There can be times when you feel low due to workplace problems or your personal problems. There can be times when you have to take big decisions in your professional and personal lives. There can be times when you get stuck and there is nobody to help you out. Remember there is someone else who can also help you besides your seniors and bosses; he is God who is there with us all the time. Just do your best and leave the rest to god. There are some things in this world which must be left for god, this is my personal experience. If you are defeated, if you are ignored, if your efforts doesn’t bring you to your destination, never lose hope have faith in god. There’s a saying ‘Man proposes, God disposes’. But god disposes our proposal only to make it much better…

The Destination

Peep Peep… I pressed the horn to signal the guard to open the parking gate. I have reached office finally. It was ‘on top of the world’ feeling when I was selected in the organization 3 years ago. Being my dream organization’s employee, it has been a rewarding and enriching experience, a positive and definitive transformation of me as a person and a professional. My organization has helped me to grow as a confident person and significantly contributed to my successful career. Although I have achieved a lot but this is not my final destination. I remember a sentence from one of my earlier post “Car’s front glass is large but rearview mirror is small because future is more important than the past”. I am looking forward with bigger view, bigger challenges and bigger plans.

Life is a journey to explore the unexplored with convenient halts. With this zeal and having explored what my company had in store for me, I am moving ahead to chase the bigger and taller dreams.

Signing off !!!

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