Upcoming Posts

Hi Readers, this page will keep you updated about all my posts which are about to publish.

1. The Last Episode

This is a summary of my journey from non IT guy to an IT guy. As I am leaving my organization, this post will summarize my complete experience as a software engineer. Must read for every IT guy.

2. The tale of a Software engineer

This anecdote is about how a talented software professional turned into a writer. I don’t know but somehow this story is linked with my life.

3. An Unforgettable mistake

What happens when a mistake in your life steals your happiness, your peace, your everything. It is a story of again an I.T. professional who doesn’t know how to win hearts.

Check this space for more updates and my blog as you always do that is – https://alokkundnani.wordpress.com/

Keep encouraging, keep admiring and keep reading my blogs.

You can also follow me on facebook – https://www.facebook.com/alok.kundnani


Alok Kundnani


        Alok Kundnani


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